European Space Weather and Space Climate Community (ESWC)



About the European Space Weather and Space Climate Community: the ESWC seeks to unite, sustain and develop Space Weather and Space Climate activities in Europe

The need for a new way forward for the ESWC has been intensively discussed in the white paper, prepared by the Quo Vadis Initiators.

At the end of June 2021 the European Space Weather and Space Climate Community (ESWC) took a major step forward in mapping out its future.

Since April 2021, the community have discussed and debated the best way forward to unite and help ourselves to sustain and develop the successful space weather activities that have been achieved so far. With the decisive vote and subsequent decision to create a new independent organisation (International Not-for-Profit Association or INPA) now made (see vote results), the next phase is well underway.

The Interim Board (IB) and the community are working to establish an INPA. A public discussion is open to the whole international space weather community (not restricted to Europe) to get advice and comments in real time through the public Slack Discussion forum. The discussion includes active proposals and debate on how to name the new organisation. In parallel, the statutes will be prepared, funding will be acquired and the legal aspects will be investigated. The voting registration will be reopened, in order to let new voters join for any future major decisions.

The plan is to create the new organisation in the days following the European Space Weather Week 2021. An exciting time to come!

Benefits of an organised European Space Weather Community


  • Keeping up momentum to start many successful projects on a European and international level

  • Facilitating access to relevant experimental infrastructure and data within the community

  • Increasing the awareness among the various end user communities

  • Improving the links between the user communities and scientists

  • Training and education on space weather impacts

  • Helping the wider public to better understand space weather – communicating advantages and limits of systems and methods used

  • Making space weather awareness commonplace throughout our society


How do we get there?

To create the association we need Statutes and a name.

Steps to establish the name

Quovadis Schedule version4 name


Steps to establish the Statutes and the Association


 Quovadis Schedule version4 statutes

An open discussion took place via Slack until the end of May, where the community provided ideas on the pros and cons for the options. The voting sheet was prepared and the vote took place online between 28 and 30 June 2021. Any European professional with interest in space weather was eligible to participate in the vote.

Based on the results, the IB are now working to organise the community accordingly. The agenda for the next steps (how to discuss the statutes, how to get a name for the Association, etc.) has been set. Further votes and polls will take place ahead of the European Space Weather Week 2021. Make sure you are registered to vote - the information will be provided on the website.

Your contribution is STILL needed!

Please join Slack Discussion forum and contribute on the DISCUSSION NOW on the future options for the INPA

Take part in the VOTING, which will be re-opened shortly! Take care to REGISTER for voting.

Participate in the ELECTION of the Association name during the week preceding European Space Weather Week 2021.


ESWC organigram v2