What are the expectations regarding the organisation that represents us?


This channel is devoted to discussing the key factors that the organisation that represents us has to have. The interim board already analysed in detail key factors the organisation that represent us must satisfy and these are discussed in detail in the white paper, and the list is provided bellow.

We invite the community to discuss what they expect from this organisation by using slack channel 1: expectations. In order to participate in the discussion please fill out the registration form. The discussion will take place in Slack. Note that you only need to register once, i.e. you do not need to register for each channel separately.


Key factors for the European Space Weather Community federating structure/association and representative board:

1) Is independent from any funding agency and/or decision maker and/or individual country

2) Has to represent primarily European community (as defined by WG1)

3) Has to represent European Space Weather Community at large, as in the academic and industrial sectors

4) Is democratically organised, periodically elected (by the European Space Weather Community)

5) Exists based on clearly defined set of rules and on a small own budget

6) Has the authority to set up own rules and make propositions (including e.g. setting new practices respecting the environment)

7) Is able to protect and sustain the efforts made so far with

(i) organisation of the European Space Weather Week,

(ii) editorial activities with Journal of Space Weather and Space Climate,

(iii) Birkeland, Nicolet and Chizhevsky medals,

(iv) any new ESWC initiative

8) Acts as an umbrella organisation for the activities identified in 7)