This topic is closed for discussion. Accordingly to the vote results, an Independent International Not-Profit Association will be established to coordinate and represent  the European Space Weather and Space Climate Community.

What are the pros and cons of options offered in the vote sheet?


This channel is devoted to discussing the pros and cons of each option offered in the vote sheet to help the community decide how to set up the organisation to represent us.

The vote sheet will be updated according to the discussion and conclusions.

The key factors for the ESWC federating structure/association and ESWC representative boardkey points are established.

The initial list of pros and cons for the initial options offered in the draft voting sheet is based on the white paper, is given bellow, and will be updated according to the discussion and community feedback in slack channel 3: pros-n-cons. In order to participate in the discussion please fill out the registration form. The discussion will take place in Slack. Note that you only need to register once, i.e. you do not need to register for each channel separately.


 List of pros and cons for viable options:


OPTION 1: INPA (international non-profit association)


  • The community keeps full control over the budget and its initiatives (the medals, ESWW, and JSWSC).
  • The sustainability of medals is ensured and their significance level (i.e. prestige) kept (if not increased). 
  • Possibly more incomes or benefit from the help of other institutions that will not see Space Weather and Space Climate as part of another society (e.g. some fundings can go directly from Europe to the organisation) 
  • The uniqueness of ESWW and its completely-inclusive nature can be maintained and sustained as required.
  • The STCE is willing to set up this IASBL if that would be the preferred choice, and other
  • organisations/institutions are also undoubtedly willing to do so.


  • The complexity to establish it: a proper legal entity form needs to be found, where to register it, need of legal assistance, need of budget and coordination between legal aspects, and community needs/wishes.
  • Since this would be a new organisation it would have to build its own worldwide visibility and outreach (educational as well as to the public) and thus may at the beginning have relatively low negotiating power.


OPTION 2: EPS (the European Physical Society)


  • to create an interdisciplinary Division within EPS is simple
  • Since EPS is old and well known, it would immediately give a worldwide platform to the European Space Weather community and be a strong kick to further develop our initiatives (medals, education, outreach, etc. . . ) and be stronger in the future possible negotiations.
  • The community would have full control over some of its initiatives (ESWW and the medals).


  • limited control over decisions
  • risk of loss of significance of ESWW, JSWSC, and the medals
  • The community would have only partial control of the budget.
  • EPS is not equally known nor equally respected by all European countries.




3 May 2021 – version 1: List of pros and cons for two options currently offered in the vote sheet (INPA and EPS) based on the white paper. For details on INPA and EPS see options.