Why join the European Space Weather Community?


European Space Weather Community (ESWC) will seek to be a uniting organisation to help the community to sustain and develop the successful efforts made thus far.

The need for an ESWC has been intensively discussed in the white paper, prepared by the Quo Vadis Initiators.


Benefits of an organised European Space Weather Community

The ESWC shall take care of:

  • Keeping the momentum to start many successful projects on a European and international level,
  • Facilitating access to relevant experimental infrastructures and data within the community,
  • Increasing the awareness among the various user communities,
  • Better linking the user communities and science,
  • Training and education on space weather impacts,
  • Helping the wider public to better understand our methods and their advantages and limits,
  • Making space weather awareness permanently common throughout our society.


How do we get there? Quovadis Schedule

A draft voting sheet, prepared by the ESWC Interim Board, contains initial suggestions how to organise the ESWC. This is subject to an open discussion to any interrested people, in and outside Europe, until 21 June 2021, where the community is asked to comment on the pros and cons for the suggested options and can also suggest additional options.

The final voting sheet will be prepared based on the discussions. The Interim Board will summarise the discussion results and provide it as guidance for the vote.

The voting will take place online between 28 and 30 June 2021. Any European professional with interest in space weather will be able to participate in the vote. Just registration to Electoral Census well in advance (31 May – 14 June 2021) will be required to receive access to the voting. The information on the registration and voting platform will be provided here on the website.

Based on the results of the voting, the ESWC Interim Board will initiate the organisation of the community accordingly. In July 2021, the Interim Board will publish an agenda on the next steps (how to discuss the statuses, how to apply the final board, etc.). The Interim Board will also prepare the vote on the representatives of the community, which will take place during the European Space Weather Week 2021.

Your contribution is needed!

Please contribute on the DISCUSSION on the potential options for organizing the ESWC and comment on their advantages and disadvantages, whether you are European or not!

If you are European, take part in the VOTING, which will be opened on 28 June and closed on 30 June 2021! Take care to REGISTER for voting during 31 May to 14 June 2021.

If you are European, participate in the ELECTION of the ESWC representative board during the European Space Weather Week.


ESWC organigram