Following the initiative started by the original Quo Vadis? group, which ended with a meeting to inform and include the European Space Weather Community on the 17th March 2021, it was agreed that an interim board was required -  one that would work towards the creation of a federating structure for Space Weather in Europe up to the point when an elected board could take over.

Application for membership of the interim board was open to everyone in the European community. Following the deadline for application on 30th March an interim board was established – the pie charts below provide some information on the current make up of this board – and the board held its inaugural meeting on 9th April 2021.




The interim board does not have the power to make decisions. Instead it is working towards including the entire space weather community in the discussions of the way forward, arranging community wide votes as required and the establishment of, and transition to, an official representative board, who will be elected during the next European Space Weather Week, 25th-29th October 2021.