Definition of SW sectors of activity

We propose that all members select a broad category to which they identify the most. These categories are grouped into two categories: “ordinary members” and “affiliate members”. Members of the former are granted voting and electibility rights. Members of the latter are allowed (and expected) to fully engage in all discussions.

 Researchers Definition: persons or organizations that carry out scientific research in the
Space Weather domain.
  • university and research institute staff
  • laboratories/research centre staff (non-profit, fundamental and applied research and development)
Definition: private or public entities offering services in the domain of Space
Weather including but not limited to: data services, forecasting and
  • SW forecasters, Meteorology offices
  • Small SW consultancy entreprises
  • Groups/entreprises that develop, provide or give access to data products relevant to SW activities
Stakeholders Definition: entities having a strong involvement in regulation,funding and
financial aspects of Space Weather & Space Climate activities.
  • policy makers
  • decision makers
  • funding agencies/entities
  • insurers
  • financial institutions
 End Users Definitions: Companies that could be subject to impacts on their activity in
case of a Space Weather event. Companies manufacturing components or
systems that need to be protected against Space Weather are in this category
as well.
  • system builders (satellite or component manufacturers)
  • satellite operators
  • transport sector (railways, airlines)
  • energy sector (power grid operators)
  • users of localisation signals (marine, construction)
Definition: any individual or entity not belonging to the other categories but
having a personal or professional knowledge or interest in Space Weather,
external observers.
  • Individuals with an interest on the topic of space weather, amateurs
  • media and communication
  • educators


Color caption: “ordinary members” and “affiliate members”.