The vote sheet
Draft proposed by the Interim board

With this vote sheet you decide how you wish to establish a federating structure for Space Weather in Europe that will represent the European Space Weather Community (ESWC Organisation) in the future.



What is your preferred choice for the ESWC Organisation (please vote for only one option).

1) As a brand new organisation within the international non-profit association (INPA)
2) Within the scope of an existing organisation


QUESTION 2 (Answer only if you voted for option 2, in question 1)

What is your preferred choice of existing organisation for the ESWC Organisation to join with (please select only one of the following):
1) Division of the European Physical Society (EPS)
2) Option 2 (if any)
3) Etc.






1) The interim board invites propositions of viable options by the community to be included in the final sheet according to the key factors identified and available here.
2) This draft will be updated and finalized by the Interim board according to the conclusions based on the open discussion by the European Space Weather Community (ESWC).
3) The vote sheet will be finalized by mid-June 2021.