The work within the three original working groups (WGs), which were formed from the members of the interim board, was completed by the end of June 2021 in time for the first vote and WG1 and WG2 are now closed.

WG3 continues with some new objectives and three new WGs were formed in July. A summary of the aims of each group is as follows:


WG6 : Funding Aspects (July 2021 -    )

The aim is to investigate opportunities to fund the setting up of a new organisation and thereafter, the on-going operations. Specifically:

  • in the short term: options before the INPA is created e.g. ESWW17 fee
  • in the longer term: e.g. crowdfunding, ESWW, EU, membership fees


WG5 : Legal Aspects (July 2021 -    )

The aim is to investigate all the legal rquirements required for the creation of the new organisation.

  • Preparation of all necessary documentation
  • Establish initial representation (person or persons) in order to proceed


WG4 : Statutary Aspects (July 2021 -   )

The aim is to establish a plan of initial statutes and bye-laws of the new organisation. Some specific objectives include to:

  • provide a name for the new organisation
  • plan a structural composition of the board including sub-committees
  • plan for the election of the board: who, how and when
  • set up terms of reference: duties, rules and powers of the board
  • plan the membership of the organisation: who, how, type


WG3: Technical Aspects (April 2021 -    )

The  aim is to enable communications and links across the community and to increase awareness, especially within end user groups. Current specific objectives are to:

  • maintain and update the Quo Vadis website
  • maintain and update the public Quo Vadis slack
  • organise voting as required: major decisions and elections
  • update technical content as required

previous objectives were to decide on and implement:

  • media (website, slack etc)
  • the voting


WG2: content of the discussion (April - June 2021)

• What is going to be voted on
• How many options are going to be offered
• Identify organisations where SW board could be set up
• Communication with organisations where SW board could be set up to check if they are suitable


WG1: participants (April - June 2021)

• Who can participate in discussions
• Who can participate in votes
• How do we reach participants
• Links to industry